Republic Polytechnic - a public or private school?

All public schools should know that providing education is their number 1 top priority.
So regardless if one pays their school fees or not, the public school should NOT discriminate or bar the student from education, unless if it is a private school.

But is Republic Polytechnic a public school?

RP relies heavily on IT (info-tech).
Laptops are compulsory for all students. If a student couldn't afford one, he/she needs to apply for a laptop loan which requires lots of paperwork and verification. If not, the student has to go to the IT helpdesk every morning to lend the laptop for the day and return it at the end of the day.

Well, I know a few classmates who couldn't afford laptops, thus they have to loan it from the school. The weird thing about the school-property laptop is, the laptops are labelled with a rather huge attention-grabbing sticker: "PROPERTY OF REPUBLIC POLYTECHNIC".
I was awed by it. It is quite discriminating to them as anyone who sees that will know the student has loan the laptop from school, thus assuming that the student is needy/poor.
I have no negative opinions on that, but feel rather awkward.

And there were times when my classmates failed to pay their school fees in time, and they were later restricted from accessing the school's website (to download the materials to learn for the day) and internet. And since they are restricted from accessing the school's website, they could not download the required materials or do the necessary work for the day UNTIL the student pays the school fees.
Well, that's something I do not understand at all.
But don't get me wrong. I know that schools need to receive school fees from the students so that they can pay their administrative cost, bills, and so forth. But to bar a student from accessing the school's website and internet is quite unethical, in my opinion. I believe the school should not be doing this.

I know Republic Polytechnic is a public school, but why is the system behaving as if it's a private school?

What is your opinion?


  1. I came across this recently. I fully agree with your opinion. I also would like to add that RP should not tie students personal computers to RP. Students should have full control over their own computer and not let the polytechnic control it. One example is the connecting to the school work group. I know they have their reasons by connecting us to the workgroup but i think it is unfair. Also, RP should not limit student workspace to "configured" computers. They should make it be accessed through other computers as well.

    Sorry for the long chunk of text.

  2. TRULY AGREE!!! WOrse thing is that once you had your's blocked, the first thing you would do is to rush and pay for your fee. So this what happened to me, My tuition fee loan was cancelled for some reason which I was not informed so I went to pay and was told it was cancelled so I have to reapply but for the meanwhile I do not need to pay the full amount so I pay as instructed and only pay the amount of the tuition fee loan not the full amount. the next day I found my LEO was banned, I went to question and you know what they say "I will be re-enabled at the next day" WTH? for real? WAS IT EVEN MY MISTAKE in the first place??? Ended up I could not do my Work what most called as RJ!

    And another thing is that since RP is such an IT based school, Why wouldn't they prepare enough lap top for us to borrow as we all know that computer may not be very reliable at times and we are using it everyday, anything may happen. WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR US TO BORROW A LAP TOP? my friend lost her lap top, some one stole it. and WTH you need a police report to borrow one, and whats worse is you have to apply police report online, HOW TO WHEN YOU LOST YOUR LAP TOP and lost its serial number? FOR REAL? NO HELP was given at all!!!!

  3. I agree too! SUCKKKKKKS